Preparing for a trip on the Devils River.

The wild, scenic Devils River draws paddlers seeking a pristine wilderness river experience. But a trip down the Devils River is very strenuous. We recommend it only for experienced paddlers equipped to spend at least three days in a remote area.

Whether planning just a day of paddling or a multi-day down river trip, carefully read Preparing for a Devils River Trip.

There is no other river in Texas so pristine. To maintain this quality, every paddler must take extra steps to treat this resource with respect.


The shuttle drive from Del Rio to Baker's Crossing is approximately 1.5 hours via US 90 and State HWY 163. The shuttle drive to Del Norte SNA is approximately 2 hours via State HWY 277 and rough gravel ranch roads. When getting off the river in Dan A. Hughes SNA, the shuttle drive is about 45 minutes back to State HWY 277…and an additional 30 minutes back to Del Rio.

 A Devils River Access Permit (DRAP) is required for all river trips which access Devils River State Natural Area units. The cost of a DRAP is $10/person. You can get these permits by calling Texas Parks & Wildlife Department: (512) 389-8901. Each paddler is required to have a copy of their DRAP and an extra one for your shuttle driver.  

You should get permits to camp on the river unless you are staying on islands or on banks below the river gradient boundary. Camping fees apply at San Pedro Point - Del Norte SNA, and Mile 12 campsite, mile 20 campsite and Mile 29 Paddler Camp - Dan A. Hughes. These primitive river campsites are open seven days a week for paddlers with advance permits to utilize on their way downriver. Only one-night stays are allowed per party. The camping permit cost $5/person/night and can be purchased by calling Texas Parks & Wildlife (512) 389-8901.

 You should get your DRAP’s as soon as possible; they can be purchased up to one year in advance. There are only 12 access permits given out for each day. Be sure to reserve your dates with us before calling Texas Parks & Wildlife. They will email you a copy of your permit, a Devils River Map, and a copy of rules and regulations.  Please bring two copies of your DRAP’s with you (one for you to take on the river and one for us to have).     

Most paddlers average 7 miles a day.

Baker's Crossing-Del Norte SNA: 2-3/days, 1-2/nights (15 miles)

Baker's Crossing-Dan A. Hughes SNA: 3-5/days, 2-4/nights (30 miles)

Baker's Crossing-*Rough Canyon: 5-7/days, 4-6/nights (47 miles)

Del Norte-Dan A. Hughes SNA: 2-3/days, 1-2/nights (15 miles)

Del Norte-*Rough Canyon Marina: 3-5/days, 2-4/nights (32 miles)

We strongly recommend going no further than Dan A. Hughes SNA.   After Dan A. Hughes SNA, the river turns into Lake Amistad.   It becomes very wide with lots of head winds and the swells could be 3 feet high making it a long, hard 17 miles to Rough Canyon.

 The trip we suggest is between Del Norte-Dan A. Hughes SNA.


Spring and Fall are the best times to paddle the Devils River.  Summer can be fun too but the heat can be overwhelming if you’re not properly prepared.

Please print and sign our risk agreement form.  We require everyone's signature before your trip. 

You can scan and email it back to us at   

You are required to bring your permits as well as a lifejacket, whistle, and human/trash waste receptacles, enough supplies and provisions and safety equipment.

 There is no cell service anywhere on the Devils River.  In case of emergency use a satellite phone or “SPOT” satellite communication device. Satellite phones and “SPOT” communication devices are strongly recommended.  Both devices can be rented ahead of time.  In the event of medical emergency one should be prepared to “self-rescue” if you don’t have communications.

There is a fire ban on the river and has been for some time. Do not expect or plan for it to be lifted during your float. The only fires permitted are containerized fires. 

 You must pack out everything that you pack in. This means leaving absolutely no trash behind including human waste. WAG bags are the best use for human waste disposal and are required while on the river. Read more about proper river ethics at Leave No Trace.

Shuttle Pricing:

SNA to SNA $480. 

Baker's Crossing to SNA (Del Norte or Dan A. Hughes) $680